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Emil Zbinden (1908-1991) spent the summer months of 1950 to 1953 on Oberaar in the Bernese Oberland. Together with artist friends, he documented the hydroelectric dam being built there. This book shows parts of the pictorial material created on Oberaar and traces the economic, social and architectural aspects of the monumental post-war construction site.

Texts by Beat Hächler, Anne-Catherine Schröter, Jürg Spichiger, Andrea Tognina, Etienne Wismer.

With works by Emil Zbinden, Eugen Jordi and photographs by Heinz Bysäth, Anita Niesz, Hans Tschirren and Jakob Tuggener.

​Approx. 80 pages, 50 illustrations.

ISBN 978-3-909990-29-0


Works by Emil Zbinden, photos by Urs Beyeler and texts by Jürg Spichiger, Etienne Wismer, Bruno Ritter, Paola Beltrame and Andrea Tognina.

Edited by Förderverein Emil Zbinden. Verlag X-Time, Edition eigenArt 2015.

56 pages, 34 illustrations.

ISBN 978-3-909990-28-3.

"Emil Zbinden 1908 – 1991. Für und wider die Zeit"

(Emil Zbinden 1908 – 1991. For and against time)

Exhibition catalog, Museum of Fine Arts Bern.

Edited by Anna M. Schafroth. With texts by Charles Linsmayer, Guido Magnaguagno, Susanne Petri, Anna M. Schafroth.

256 pages, approx. 190 illustrations, 24 x 28 cm, hard cover. ISBN 978-3-7165-1550-1

"Emil Zbinden. Selbstzeugnisse und Bilddokumente"

(Emil Zbinden. Personal accounts and documents)

Autobiographical texts by Emil Zbinden, interviews, sketches, drawings, tempera, wood engravings and photos.

Edited by Werner Wüthrich and Karl Zbinden.

Limmat Verlag, Zürich 2008.

280 pages, 239 illustrations, paperback.

ISBN 978-3-85791-568-0

"Emil Zbinden. Zeichner, Holzschneider und Typograph"

Artist biography by Tobias Kästli.

Limmat Verlag, Zürich 1991.

280 pages, hardcover.

"Emil Zbinden: Landschaften und Menschenbilder" 

Foreword by Rea Brändle.

Limmat Verlag, Zürich 1988.

New edition 2008. 220 pages, over 900 wood engravings, large format, thread-stitched brochures with flaps.

ISBN 978-3-85791-569-7

"Emil Zbinden. Holzschneider (1908 – 1991)" 

Video documentation by Peter Münger. Original version in Bernese German. A new version in High German is also available.

DVD available from Peter Münger, Audio-Visuelle Produktionen, Sihlfeldstr. 88, 8004 Zurich.

​"Emil Zbinden. Das Graphische Werk II"

Catalogue raisonné by Alfred A. Häsler.

Editions Xylon, Hauterive 1984. 226 pages. 

"Emil Zbinden. Das Graphische Werk I"

Catalogue raisonné by Guido Magnaguagno.

Editions Xylon, Hauterive, 1982. 139 pages.